Middle School (5-8)

Middle School (5-8)


While the Middle School years are considered challenging for most,
students at Charles Wright Academy thrive.

Moving beyond academics: We ensure your child is seen, known, nurtured, and challenged.

Our Middle School faculty understand the developmental needs of adolescents, including the need for connections with peers and separation from family, paired with a strong desire for independence and autonomy, a deep longing to be listened to, and to feel a sense of belonging amongst their peer group.


Charles Wright fosters relationships and bonds between students and teachers within an intentional community culture that promotes collaboration through trust and partnership—because students work harder for people they care about and trust.

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We foster skill development in preparation for the academic independence that will be absolutely necessary in Upper School and college. Students have opportunities to go beyond the facts by engaging in problem-solving and inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, analytical writing, artistic expression, global travel and perspectives, issues of equity and justice, and gaining the skills they need to navigate their future confidently.


Our goal is for students to strive for excellence, exercise compassion, seek and grant respect to self and others, live with integrity, and develop the perseverance they need to navigate the future with confidence.

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Students are known and nurtured within our small classes and highly qualified faculty with an average of fewer than 15 students per section. Each year, we have a low student-to-teacher ratio of 8-to-1 or better. Charles Wright’s Middle School is a diverse learning community that values inclusion and fosters an intentional culture of belonging with students from across Pierce, South King, Thurston, and Kitsap Counties, 45 percent of whom self-identify as students of color.

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