Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Kindergarten through grade 12 students are encouraged to explore their creativity and passion through our dynamic performing arts program. We believe in fostering a vibrant arts community, and our diverse array of opportunities reflects this commitment. From captivating theater productions that allow students to shine on stage and behind the scenes to harmonious choirs that fill our halls with delightful melodies and dynamic orchestras and bands that bring music to life, there’s something for every aspiring artist. Additionally, we offer private music lessons, where students can receive personalized instruction and nurture their talents further. We strive to provide a nurturing environment that celebrates artistic expression, enabling our students to grow as performers and as confident and well-rounded individuals.

Private Music Lessons


Students in kindergarten through grade 12 may register for piano, classical strings, guitar, ukulele, percussion or voice lessons. Lessons are 25 minutes per week, and scheduled before or after school, or during breaks in the school day. Students prepare each semester for a recital where they can demonstrate their learning for their family and friends.

Upcoming Performances

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Meet Our Faculty

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Stacia Cammarano

Middle School and Upper School Choral Director

Marissa Caswell

Private Strings and Piano Teacher

Brian Dean

Middle and Upper School Instrumental Music Director

Rich Garrett

Middle and Upper School Technical Theater Director

Deryl Harter

Lower School Specialist: Music

Daniel Richardson

Private Piano Teacher

Brynn Walker

Beginning School Assistant Teacher and Private Voice Lessons Teacher