International Students

International Students


At Charles Wright, we extend a warm welcome to international students who wish to join our vibrant campus located in the Pacific Northwest. We believe that our graduates should possess intercultural competence to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and globally interdependent world. To foster this, our international programs provide opportunities for students to become inquisitive, respectful, and engaged global citizens. These programs encompass immersive travel experiences, international perspectives integrated into classroom learning, and interactions with students from diverse backgrounds who enroll at our institution.

Our student body comprises individuals from various countries, including China, Croatia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea. To ensure a comfortable stay, we offer homestays where students reside with host families arranged by Charles Wright. These hosts not only provide accommodations, transportation, and meals but also offer guidance, friendship, and support throughout the academic year. Additionally, international students undergo an orientation session before the start of the academic year.


Charles Wright Academy is authorized by federal law to admit non-immigrant alien students. International students are required to complete an online application for admission. They must also submit a TOEFL score, participate in a Zoom interview with our admission staff, and provide copies of their passport and bank-verified financial statement. If you are a student from China, please follow the specific application instructions provided below.

Before You Apply

We strongly recommend that international students consider entering Charles Wright Academy in the 8th, 9th, or 10th grade. Although most students typically apply for enrollment in the fall semester, we do consider mid-year enrollments in January based on availability. For more information, please contact our Admission team directly at

Applicants from China

Students from China can apply directly to Charles Wright Academy or are invited to collaborate with the Cambridge Institute of International Education. If you choose to work with Cambridge, you can contact the Cambridge Institute at


For students currently studying at an American or Canadian school under the F-1 or J-1 visa who are interested in transferring to Charles Wright, please contact our Admission team at