Charles Wright high school track and field
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US Track & Field

The Track & Field team consists of athletes with diverse skills and abilities, catering to different events and disciplines. Some athletes focus on running events, such as hurdles, sprinting, middle-distance, or long-distance races. Our team has also had great success with field sports, such as high jump, long jump, and triple jump, as well as shot put, discus throw, and javelin throw.


The CWA team members attend daily practices to improve their technique, speed, strength, and endurance. These practices often involve warm-ups, stretching, drills, and specific event training. Athletes work on refining their skills, learning proper form and technique, and building their physical fitness.


Charles Wright’s track and field facilities were completely renovated in Fall 2022, giving our athletes some of the best facilities in the region. With our great facility, we have the opportunity to host many regional tournaments.

  • Jon Flies

    Head Coach

  • Stephanie Glenn

    Assistant Coach

  • Kendra Roberson

    Assistant Coach

  • Frank Shuck

    Assistant Coach