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At Charles Wright Academy, we are an independent school community where students discover their passions through a breadth of opportunities. Our coeducational, preschool – grade 12 community of learners are dedicated to the values of integrity, respect, compassion, perseverance, and excellence. Nestled within the woods of our beautiful 107-acre campus, we offer an environment that is safe, inviting, and suits our mission: To inspire active, joyful learning while nurturing and challenging our students to develop the character, creativity, and skills to successfully navigate the future with confidence.


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Ali, Lower School

I really like the teachers a lot. I feel like every time I go to school, they make me want to come back. Their enthusiasm makes it fun to come back to school!

Benjamin, Middle School

I’ve been at CWA since the 5th grade, and the teachers at Charles Wright have always made classes fun so you always enjoy the subject you’re learning about.

Bruce, Current Parent

We consider the decision to send our children to Charles Wright the best parenting decision we’ve made and the best and most lasting gift we could ever give them. We see incredible growth and positive academic,  social, and athletic risk-taking in our current Middle Schooler, thanks to the faculty; and, we are pleased we will never look back with regret in not having given our children the best possible education.

Christine, Current Parent

We decided Charles Wright Academy was the right school for many reasons, but we particularly liked the curriculum requirements and the small class sizes. I really like that sports and arts are treated just as important as academics. The smaller class sizes mean that my kids don’t get lost in the crowd, and teachers have more personalized relationships with the kids, which elicits higher student engagement. Since being at CWA, I’ve really noticed, in particular, that Christopher has much more investment in his work. I have found parents to be very welcoming and curious, and I have found teachers to be sincerely interested and passionate about working with my kids.

Constance ’15, Alumna

Charles Wright has been a great place for me since I started in seventh grade. The connections that I have made with my teachers are some that I believe will last me a lifetime. Charles Wright has prepared me for life ahead by challenging me academically as well as extracurricularly. However, what I’m most thankful for is my teachers believing that I could do amazing things in whatever area I chose to pursue. The trust and the mutual expectations between students and teachers are just some of the characteristics of the amazing relationships that I have formed at CWA and plan to maintain through college and beyond.

Diane '85, Alumna

I started at Charles Wright in my junior year of high school, and I found that while it was a unique experience with a rigorous curriculum, there was room to think outside of a linear format in some of the classes. The faculty not only embraced core academia, but also supported the creative talents and outlets for us as students.

Emma, Upper School

I first decided to come to CWA because of the academics. However, I continue to be a Tarrier not only for the academics, but because everyone at CWA is so kind and always makes school feel like home.